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One dozen, colorful free range eggs from our chickens.


There is nothing like eggs from happy, healthy chickens raised on pasture! Their diverse diet of grass and forage, insects, garden scraps, and nonGMO feed create eggs with beautiful deep golden yolks, just packed full of nutrients. 

Free Range Eggs - 1 Dozen

  • Our eggs are sold unwashed and unrefrigerated. They can be safely kept at room temperature for 3 weeks.

    When laid, eggs are naturally coated with a protective layer called a "bloom." This layer is created to protect the egg from bacteria or other contaminates penetrating the shell. The bloom will keep an egg fresh and safe for weeks. When an egg is washed, it actually strips the egg of its protection, leaving the porous shell vulnerable to contaminates.

    Large scale egg producers, like those selling to supermarkets, are required to sanitize and refrigerate their eggs before selling, removing that protective layer.
    We believe in starting with healthy hens and clean laying conditions, so we can sell you safe, naturally protected eggs of the highest quality!

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